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Today’s post is from Rochelle, who writes… Hi Nikki, l have a problem. l LOVE to take selfies but sometimes I get rude remarks. Like the other day at school, right after I took a selfie, a CCP walked by and said to her friend, “She’s so full of herself! She’s not even cute.” My […] Read more

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The worst thing in the whole history of the universe has happened!!

I might have said that before but this time I REALLY mean it!!! You are NOT going to believe this… MY PHONE BROKE!! Notice how I said ‘my phone broke’ and NOT ‘I broke my phone’?? That’s because it was TOTALLY not my fault!! […] Read more

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It’s SPRING (Almost)!!!!

OMG!! The WORST thing ever in the history of the world has happened!! My dad took away my phone!!!! Can you BELIEVE that??? I am pretty sure this is what my history teacher means when she talks about “cruel and unusual punishment.” Because taking someone’s phone away JUST because they were texting their friends is […] Read more

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Dear Brandon, I love talking on the phone to my BFFs and we can blab non-stop for hours. However, I just made some new guy friends at a karate class I recently joined. It’s easy for me to talk to them when we’re in class, but on the phone it’s totally AWKWARD! I’m happy to get […] Read more

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