March 31, 2016


Ask Nikki - Me, My Selfie and I

Today’s post is from Rochelle, who writes…

Hi Nikki,

l have a problem. l LOVE to take selfies but sometimes I get rude remarks. Like the other day at school, right after I took a selfie, a CCP walked by and said to her friend, “She’s so full of herself! She’s not even cute.” My own mom says it seems like I’m vain when I take selfies all the time. Is it so wrong?? Other people take selfies…are they just cuter than I am? Should I not take selfies anymore?

(Queen of the Selfies)

Hi Rochelle! Thanks for writing! I’m so glad you did, because I think this is super important! Selfies are awesome and I think it’s great that you love to take them!!

I’ve heard this concern before – that taking pictures of yourself, and especially sharing them on social media, means you’re too vain or full of yourself. I kind of get it when parents think that, because they grew up in the dark ages, before cell phones. But when other kids say things like that, I think they’re covering up the fact that they don’t feel confident about themselves.

When you take a selfie, you’re capturing a moment—usually a moment when you’re especially happy! Maybe you’re feeling extra cute and self-confident. Maybe you’re just feeling like a goofball. For whatever reason, you want a picture. And I’m with you—I think you should DEFINITELY capture that moment and share it with friends! Feeling cute and liking yourself are not things to be ashamed of.
Especially as girls, we get told SO OFTEN that we’re not enough – not cute enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough, not athletic enough… But that’s so dumb!! Because we are TOTALLY enough!! And more!!

And when the world sees that we ARE awesome, a lot of times we get told to be humble about it. That we shouldn’t think too much of ourselves. That we shouldn’t broadcast our accomplishments. Maybe it’s just me, but I think that’s ridiculous!

When you’re awesome, you should own it!!
And don’t stop with pictures of your cute self. Own the other ways you’re awesome, too! Take pics of art you make or food you cook. Share the “A” you got on your math test. Post videos from your piano recital or track meet. There are all sorts of reasons to take pride in who you are and what you do. If other people can’t handle it, that’s their problem.

You know what else? You should share the love when your friends are awesome/cute/accomplished, too! When a friend looks super cute, pull her into a selfie with you! Share/repost/retweet their moments of confidence and show how proud you are of all the awesome people in your life. That way it’s not all about you—it’s about celebrating DORKALICIOUS awesomeness in everyone!

That’s what I think. How about you guys? Do you share your selfies? Do you share other accomplishments too? Tell us in the comments!