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January 17, 2019


Dear Nikki, I’m SO upset! My friend was saying mean stuff about me on social media, so I said something mean back. Then her mom told my teacher and now my teacher says I’M cyber bullying. IT’S NOT FAIR! I’m mostly upset because I feel like my mom is ashamed of me. She said that […] Read more

January 14, 2019


OMG!  Monday mornings are the WORST 🙁 !   Especially during the winter months when it’s always so dark and gloomy.    As usual, I woke up and dragged myself out of bed. But, when I looked outside, I couldn’t BELIEVE my eyes! There was like a foot of SNOW outside!  Apparently, a big blizzard hit […] Read more

January 13, 2019


Dear Brandon, HELP!!! My parents say I have to get braces and I’m SO UPSET!!! I hate how they look and kids will make fun of me and they stay on FOREVER and food will get stuck in them and they’re going to hurt and UGH!!! I DON’T CARE IF MY TEETH ARE STRAIGHT!!!! How […] Read more

January 11, 2019

HELP! I Still Love Stuff That My Friends Say Is For Little Kids!

Dear Nikki, I’m a fifth grader who LOVES anything cutsey or childish. I watch all the cute shows for little kids, I love to play with dolls and stuffed animals, and I can’t last a DAY without browsing websites for unicorn, mermaid, and fairy accessories or toys. I also think Princess Suger Plum is AWESOME! […] Read more

January 8, 2019


It’s YOUR birthday! You’re throwing the ULTIMATE birthday party just like Nikki did in Dork Diaries Book 13!  Describe the type of party you’re having and what 12 guests are on your fantasy guest list. You can invite friends, celebs, and your fav TV/movie/book characters! I can’t wait to read your answers in the comments […] Read more

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