November 1, 2014


Halloween Candy

OCTOBER 31st:  I’d like a sneak peek at YOUR Trick-or-Treat!  So, did you go Trick-or-Treating with friends, attend a Halloween party, stay home and hand out candy or do something else? What was the MOST fun and exciting part of your evening? Give me ALL of the details, please!  

I hope all of you had a Happy Halloween filled with family, friends, fun, and frights!

I took Brianna Trick-or-Treating around our neighborhood for the first hour. And then, I went back out again with my BFFs Chloe and Zoey for another hour.  

We had a lot fun and we collected a TON of candy!  SQUEEEEEE!!

Brianna actually wants to go out again tomorrow! (LOL)

I’d LOVE to hear how your evening went. 

Please let me know in the comments section below.