October 27, 2014


Spook House

OCTOBER 27th: Your school is having a haunted house to raise money for a charity!  What FAB ideas do you have that will either  SCARE your classmates out of their wits OR make them LAUGH themselves silly AND keep coming back for MORE!    

Okay, my adorkable BFFs!  Here is another SPOOKTACULAR entry from my, OMG!  ALL ABOUT ME DIARY!

Answer the question above and give me the deets on YOUR exciting haunted house! It can can be super creepy (with huge fake spiders!) or super funny (with zombie clowns!).

But, PLEASE.  No blood and guts. Unless, of course, it’s PUMPKIN GUTS :-) .  Which we LOVE.

Also, I have a very cool Halloween treat just for you :-) !

No, it’s not candy.  It’s even BETTER!

I’ve added an excerpt from from my October diary that you can read right here!  My Dork Diaries Book 2 is called, TALES FROM A NOT-SO -POPULAR PARTY GIRL. After MacKenzie gets mad at me and cancels the school Halloween party (TYPICAL!), me and my dorky friends try to save the day by taking over and throwing a SCARY-FUN bash.

I’m sure you’re just DYING (no pun intended!) to know whether we “TURN UP!” or whether our party flops massively when no students “TURN OUT!”

This book is the perfect October read and there’s still time to get your hands on one. You can Sneak-A-Peek at a few chapters of Book 2 at the link below:

Also, a second question:  Would YOU visit a FUN haunted house like the one shown above with your BFFs?

Is your answer, ” YES!  I love a good scare :-) !”  OR, “NO!  I’m a scaredy cat :-( !”

You can post your diary entries and comments below.  Have FUN!!