October 29, 2014


Crush Asks You to Hang Out At Dance

OCTOBER 29:  OMG!  Your CRUSH finally asks if you want to HANG OUTwith him at the HALLOWEEN DANCE!  What do you do?

A)     Grin from ear to ear and say, “Um…OKAY! I think it’ll be a   lot of FUN!”

B)    Shrug your shoulders and say with a sly smile, “Actually, I was   planning on hanging out with my BFFs. But, I’ll think about it and     get back to you tomorrow.”

C)   Totally FREAK OUT and scream, “AAAAAAHHH!!”  Then, go   hide out in the girls’  bathroom until your BFFs find you and help     you to calm down.       

What’s up people :-)?!

Here’s yet another cool question from my, OMG! ALL ABOUT ME DIARY!

This actually happened to ME in real life.  I am so NOT lying!

You can read ALL of the gory details in my Book 2: Tales From a Not-So-Popular Party Girl.

Anyway, if YOUR crush asked you to hang out at the Halloween dance, what would YOU do?

Second question: What cool costume would you like HIM to wear?!

Would the two of you dress alike and be, for example, matching NINJAS?

Or, would you do a super cute couples costume like, Romeo and Juliet?   Awwww :-)!

I can’t wait to read all of the exciting comments about YOU,  your CRUSH and the HALLOWEEN DANCE!