March 30, 2020

You Voted!! And?!

After an exciting week of voting, my Dork Diaries fans have spoken!!

Here are the results:

Chic Checks 45,270 Votes 64%
Pretty Polka Dots 25,943 Votes 36%
TOTAL 71,213 Votes

So, the new Dork Diaries Book 15 cover design is…CHIC CHECKS!

Thank you SO much for voting!  I really appreciated your help.

Please answer the following TWO questions in the comments section below (feel free to copy and paste YOUR two answers):

  1. How did you like voting for the Book 15 cover?   

    A)  It was FUN!

    B)  It was EXCITING!

    C) It was STRESSFUL!

    D) It was FRUSTRATING!

  2. Would you also like to vote on the cover of my book, Dork Diaries Book 16, in the future?  

    A) YES!  Voting for the Dork Diaries book covers is a BLAST!

    B)  NO!  I’m still TRAUMATIZED from the last vote!!

    C)  Nikki, YOU should just pick your book covers YOURSELF!!

Thanks again 😀!