October 31, 2020


Hi Brandon,
I need your help! I’m having a virtual Halloween party with my friends this year. We’re all dressing up as Winnie-the-Pooh characters and I’m going as Tigger. But I just found out that my crush and his friends are going to join the party and I’m going to be dressed as…well, A CARTOON TIGER!! I’m going to feel so babyish! It would have been fun if it were just me and my friends, but now I’m so worried about what my crush will think. I don’t want to switch my costume, but I don’t want to embarrass myself in front of my crush either. Any advice?

Crazy Costume Calamity

Dear Crazy Costume Calamity,
Look, here’s the deal: I’ve got a crush as well (can you guess who it is?). She has dressed up in lots of different costumes, from really pretty dresses to an ice-skating clown outfit, and do you know what I always notice the most? It’s not her clothes. It’s when she smiles. She’s got a great smile and when she laughs sometimes her eyes get all twinkly and—oh, um, never mind about that.

Okay, maybe I also notice the outfits, but if anything, the sillier they are, the more it makes me like her because when she’s having fun with her friends, it’s like she lights up inside and I just—er, sorry, I’m getting off-track again.
My grandma told me something once that stuck with me. If you’re feeling a little shy and insecure, just know that EVERYONE feels that way sometimes.

Remember that Halloween is all about FUN! You wouldn’t judge your crush if he showed up wearing a Winnie-the-Pooh costume, would you? Sure, you might think it’s a little goofy, but no more goofy than wearing a pirate costume, puppy costume or any other costume. PS, for Halloween I’m going to be a veterinarian this year—the puppies at Fuzzy Friends always need to go for a walk, so they make a great addition to my costume. 😀

Seriously—trust me, most boys aren’t even thinking too much about costumes on Halloween—they’re thinking about getting as much candy as possible and having a fun time! And, yeah, boys are goofballs too. I mean, I dressed up as a banana one year. A BANANA.

If being around your crush in a costume that you were excited about is stressing you out, then, well… maybe he’s not a great choice for a crush because he doesn’t make you feel like you’re totally awesome with a great sense of humor.

You shouldn’t have to change for someone else. That’s what I really like about my good friend Nikki. I feel like I can be myself around her. And I want her to feel like she can be herself around me.

So here’s my advice—go to that Halloween party and have an amazing time with your friends. Wear that costume! It sounds like fun and I think it’s cool that you have a group of friends to party with!

Hey Readers, have you ever felt worried what other people will think about you when you wear something? Got any advice for Crazy Costume Calamity?