December 20, 2019

Who’s your secret santa?!

Every year, Mom and Dad take Brianna to see Santa, and afterwards she tries to be on her BEST behavior so she won’t get a lump of coal. That got me thinking about my Secret Santa at school…which ALSO got me thinking about this really AWESOME idea for today’s advice column!

I’ll give you ONE clue: If you love surprises and getting gifts, then this next post is for you! How would YOU like to find out who YOUR Secret Santa is if it was someone from Dork Diaries?!

Take the quiz below to see if your Secret Santa is Chloe, Zoey, Brandon, MacKenzie, or me, Nikki!

After you’ve taken the quiz, be sure to share who your Secret Santa is in the comments.

To take the quiz, just click on the “Who’s Your Secret Santa?!” image below.

Have fun, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!! 😀