December 25, 2014


Ask Nikki Ripped Pants

Today’s question comes from Samin, who writes:

My pants ripped when I was at school, and I spent the whole day trying to hide it. This one girl saw me and now she’s telling everyone I ripped my pants and there’s a big hole in them.

Please help me! Everybody is obviously talking about me, and I’m dying of embarrassment!

My Advice:

Hi Samin! That totally stinks that this bully is telling everyone your personal business, and they’re all talking about you behind your back.

(If they were doing it IN FRONT of you, they wouldn’t be looking right at that big old hole!)

Kids can be SO immature sometimes. If they want to talk about you when you’re not there, they SHOULD be saying, “Poor Samin! She’s such a great girl, but dang, she needs some sturdier pants!”

Since you haven’t seen them all with food lodged in their teeth, toilet paper stuck to their feet, or milking blowing out of their noses during lunch, you probably feel like you’re the ONLY one who’s ever had anything like this happen. But that’s so not true!

I’m sure every last one of them has done something embarrassing at some point, or had something embarrassing happen to them.

It might help to remember this when you see them. You’re not that weird girl who showed the whole school her Power Puff Girls underwear. You’re the girl who had a stupid, annoying thing happen that EVERYONE can relate to!

Remembering this might make it easier to take it all a little less seriously and poke some fun at yourself.

The truth is, it’s kind of funny when something ridiculous like this happens.

Think about it, if you saw your mom split her pants, you’d probably laugh and say, “Haha, Mom! Did you get those jeans in the kid’s department? They’re WAY too small for your adult behind!”

You wouldn’t say that to hurt her feelings. You’d just be joking around because it’s kind of funny. Why not look at this the same way and get in on the joke?

If you walk by someone and you think they’re talking about your not-so-strong seams, jump right in and say, “I know, right? They must have sewed those pants with dental floss because man, did they rip!”

When you’re laughing with them, the embarrassment will start to fade. And if it doesn’t, don’t worry…someone else will fart in gym tomorrow or blow milk out their nose at lunch, and everyone will forget ALL about your pants problem!

What do you guys think? Do you have any advice for Samin?