March 19, 2015


Smarty Pants

Today’s question comes from Ellasandra, who writes:

I feel like I’m the most unpopular girl in school because I LOVE school. Everyone teases me because I’m super duper smart and know the answer to almost every problem. Help!

My Advice:

Hi Ellasandra! Although I don’t know every answer (or even close!) I know ALL about being unpopular. You could say I wrote the book on it. (Because I did!)

Still, it’s one thing to be a dork, but it’s another thing to be teased 24/7…and it’s no fun!

Nobody wants to hear, “Watch out, it’s Wikipedia!” only to turn around and see a bunch of kids pointing at you and laughing.

You might feel like hiding your brain so people don’t rag on your super smartness, but don’t do it! Keep raising your hand in class, keep answering those questions and showing you’re sharp-as-a-tack self, because that’s who you are!

I know this probably sounds like something your mom would say, but the kids who make fun of you are probably jealous.

Who doesn’t want to have all the answers? It’s a lot better than NOT having them.

When you don’t have the answers, you fail quizzes, have to stay up all night doing extra credit assignments, and your home life is a non-stop cycle of nagging, grounding, and reminders that, if you don’t apply yourself, you’ll be asking “You want fries with that?” a whole lot when you grow up!

It’s super stressful to NOT be super duper smart.

But lucky you, you are! I’m sure this doesn’t make the teasing any less annoying, but I’m guessing it’s not EVERYONE that teases you. Your good friends probably don’t. And there are probably other smart kids who totally get what this is like for you.

If you’re not already friends with them, maybe it’s time to form a study group so you can talk about all the answers you know together!

It’s a lot easier to let your inner dork (or brainiac) shine through when you’re surrounded by other dorks (or brainiacs) shining back at you!

What do you guys think? Do you have any advice for Ellasandra?