April 17, 2016

What’s On YOUR Mind?


Hey guys! 

Today I wanted to check in and ask what burning questions you guys might have for me. Nikki did this a few months ago over in her column and you guys jumped in with a TON of amazing questions for her in the comments.

So, let’s do that here. Guys, girls, what do you want to ask me? I don’t have all the answers, but the cool thing about getting a question posted here is that you’ll get feedback from the other readers too.

I can’t answer them all, obviously, but if you leave a question in the comments, keep checking back. One of these days I might answer it in my column!
And if I don’t, don’t feel bad! I do have school, life, and Fuzzy Friends, and if I answered all the questions, I’d never leave my computer! If you don’t get an answer, check through my previous Ask Brandon posts – there’s a good chance I’ve already answered something similar.

But I’ll get to as many as I can!!

All right then…what do you want to ASK BRANDON???