December 15, 2018


Yo Brandon,

I’M CONFUSED ABOUT BOYS!!!! I don’t know what to give my guy friends for Christmas. They like a lot of different stuff. Plus, They’re super nice and always giving me stuff I like, so I really want to return the favor. And I don’t want to ask them because I want it to be a surprise. HELP!!

I Wanna Be A Great Gift Giver

Hey I Wanna Be A Great Gift Giver,

Aw, I love this letter! J Your guy friends sound awesome and it’s cool that you want to give them the perfect present. Obviously, I don’t know you or your friends, so my advice is going to be kind of general, but hopefully that way it can help some other readers, too.

In your case, though, it’s kind of great that those guys like different stuff. If they were the kind of guys who are only into baseball or whatever, you’d be limited in what you could get them. But if they like a lot of things, the options are endless!

Here are some categories with lots of options, depending on your budget:

  1. ELECTRONICS: I’m going to assume you’re not rolling in dough and able to get them the latest iPhone or whatever. But there are plenty of smaller gadgets that are fun, like new earbuds, a new phone case, etc. Something I have on my Christmas list is a winter hat with built in Bluetooth speakers. I’ve seen them online for $20 and under.
  2. BATH AND BODY STUFF: Guys like this stuff too, but don’t always go out of their way to buy it for themselves. Some nice body wash, body spray, etc. Somewhere like Sephora, Walgreens, Bath And Body Works or even Target will have sets that are “for men” which mostly just means they’re not super flowery scents.
  3. AN EXPERIENCE: Is there something you and your guy friends like to do together? Maybe something all of you haven’t done in a long time? Maybe you could get them gift cards to their favorite hangout spots, like a movie theater, laser tag place or video arcade. And the best part is all of you can hang out there together.
  4. GAMES: Not just video games, either. Those can be pricey. But there are some seriously cool card and board games out there. And as a bonus, those can be something you play together.
  5. JOURNAL: Keeping a diary isn’t only for my friend, Nikki. Even if your guy friends aren’t into writing down all their thoughts and dreams, a cool journal could have lots of uses. They could use it to keep track of school assignments, sports scores, write song lyrics, and more. You could even start them off with a special note on the first page.
  6. SUPER-FAN STUFF: I know you said they’re into lots of stuff, but is there something they really LOVE? Like Wreck It Ralph? Aquaman or Spiderman? Some video game or computer game? There are all kinds of fun, small, super-fan-related items you can find online, like key chains, bumper stickers, mugs, and stuff like that.
  7. FOOD: One thing I know for sure—all boys love FOOOOD. You could bake them something like cookies or brownies. Another idea would be to get them a gift card to their favorite places to eat.

I hope that helps. I’m sure you know this, but it’s not WHAT you get your guy friends that will make it awesome. It’s the thought that counts.

What are some great gift ideas for your friends and family? Tell us in the comments, and make sure they’re not peeking!