May 16, 2021


Hi Everyone! I want to thank Brandon for letting me take over his ASK BRANDON column today to share news about a BIG PROJECT we’re currently working on. 

Well, it’s a project we’re working on in ADDITION to the even BIGGER PROJECT of finishing Dork Diaries Book 15 😛!  Yes, Team Dork is VERY BUSY right now!! 

We have a backlog of over 1,000 snail mail fan letters!  YES!! Over ONE THOUSAND letters from YOU!!  We received these letters last year in 2020 from fans all around the world via the United States Postal Service. The number of letters we received is actually significantly LESS than usual due to COVID. 

Since the majority of the letters were from classrooms/students and since most schools were closed due to COVID, we were very worried students wouldn’t receive them. So, we delayed sending out our letters. We have the same concerns with mailing out classroom letters during the summer months since schools are usually closed. 

The good news is that many schools reopened in 2021 or at least have staff working in the school offices, so we’ve resumed answering your letters 😀.  And, in June we’ll start sending out the letters going to your home addresses.     

I’m very excited to share the cool photo above of about 300 letters that will be mailed out to YOU this week 😀.


In addition to a letter from Rachel, there is a set of FOUR additional items inside each envelope!  Can you guess what’s inside these letters?  

I’ll reveal the four items next week!  Assuming, of course, that Brandon will let me take over his, ASK BRANDON, column again 😀!

Have you sent us a snail mail letter in 2020 or 2021 and are now waiting on a response?  Please post your thoughts and guesses in the comments section below.