October 16, 2017


So, I THOUGHT I was going to have the house to MYSELF all day! Well, to myself, Chloe and Zoey, who were going to come over for a relaxing “girlz day in.” Dad had to work and Mom was taking Brianna to a birthday party at a water park, since it was an unseasonably warm fall day and 89 degrees.

But the night before, the birthday girl slipped during her tap dance class and broke her arm. So sad!!

And just like that, Brianna’s plans were cancelled. She was NOT happy about it.

My mom offered to take her out for ice cream.

“That’s NOT the water park!” she shrieked.

My mom offered to arrange a play date with another one of the disappointed birthday guests.

“That’s still NOT the water park!!” Brianna shouted.

Mom tried offering a few more fun filled options before finally throwing her hands up, and leaving Brianna to have a mini meltdown.

By the time Chloe and Zoey came over, Brianna was done freaking out. But she was still super unhappy. She opened the door to Chloe and Zoey, wailed, “I’m not at the water park!” and then ran to her room and slammed the door.

I felt bad for the little brat, but what could I do??

So, Chloe, Zoey and I started our “girlz day in” by following these crazy recipes for homemade facials—yogurt, honey, eggs, butter, oatmeal and bananas!! I mean, who would’ve thunk all I had to do to get flawless skin was stick my face into my breakfast?!

And, if the facial remedy didn’t work, we could just use all the ingredients to make yummy oatmeal banana cookies! Like, how cool is that?! 🙂

Brianna came into the kitchen while we were waiting for the gloopy stuff to work its magic on our pores.

“Hi, cutie pie!” Chloe said. “Want to have a facial with us?”

Brianna grabbed one of the bananas we hadn’t used, shrieked, “NOT THE WATER PARK!” and ran back to her room.

Okay, so maybe she WASN’T done freaking out.

After we washed off the facials, we were going to do our nails and watch The Princess Diaries. But instead, Zoey said, “Hey guys, I have an idea!”

(My BFFs are the BEST. Just sayin’!)

It took us a while to get permission from my mom and gather the materials. Then another while to get it all set up. Then we were finally READY!

I was afraid after all our work that Brianna might just scream at us. So we sent Chloe to knock on her door. I swear, that girl is MAGIC with the kiddos! When she led Brianna to the back door, Zoey and I yelled, “Surprise! Welcome to Brianna’s Backyard Water Park!!!”

There was a pause. We waited for her to scream at us. And she did! But this time, she was all like…

“OMG, OMG, OMG!! My very OWN water park??!!!”

She was SO happy. Yay!

She ran for the water slide first. It was just a bunch of plastic garbage bags we grabbed from the pantry. We’d taped them together and then laid them out on a small hill in the backyard, and Zoey was standing there, watering them with the hose.

“Don’t you want to get into your swimsuit on first?” Chloe called.

But Brianna was already diving onto the garbage bags. It didn’t look THAT thrilling to me, but Brianna was screaming her head off. In a good way! She was screaming so much that my mom came running outside, afraid something horrible had happened.

“Wow,” she said when she saw our set-up. “This is amazing, girls!”
After the water slide, we turned on the sprinklers and Brianna got to run through them all around the house. Then we did some baseball with water balloons, and then catching practice with bowls strapped onto our heads. Brianna was supposed to throw the balloons into the bowls, where they would explode and get us wet. She almost never hit the bowls, though. She mainly just nailed us with water balloons and cackled maniacally.

Then, for the grand finale, we had a water gun fight – Chloe and Zoey against me and Brianna! Mom even ended up in the crossfire when she thought the coast was clear to come outside! I thought she might get mad, but instead, she picked up the hose and drenched us all!!

So, or little “girlz day in” was a whole lot wetter than expected and our backyard was NOT THE WATER PARK, but everyone ended up happy in the end! 🙂

Well, probably not the birthday girl with a broken arm. But maybe when she gets her cast off, we can have her come over and run through the sprinklers. It worked for Brianna!

Hey readers, what’s the coolest thing you’ve ever done on a really hot day?