December 27, 2014

The Most Embarrassing Photo Ever!!


Hey Brandon,

I got some very cool sunglasses as a Christmas present and wanted to show them off to my best friend.  So, I started goofing around and took a selfie doing that crazy Miley Cyrus Rock Star pose. (You know, the one with the tongue!)

I think my friend must have sent my photo to someone, and then they sent it to someone, and so on and so on because it seems like every kid I know has seen it and is now teasing me.

Things got even worse when I saw some girls at the mall and they started giggling and making the “Rock Star” face at me.

I am SO embarrassed!!! What should I do when people tease me about it other than put a bag over my head and go hide out in my basement until everyone finally forgets about it?

I REALLY need your help, bro!



Dear Why-Did-I-Send-That-Stupid-Photo,

First, to answer the question in your name: you sent it because it was Christmas and you were in a happy, funny kind of mood. That’s what people do when they’re showing off a gift they love.

As a photographer, let me tell you, that’s what makes a good picture: excitement and energy!

It would have been even weirder if you sent a picture with a totally emotionless face, like you’d just traded your soul for those sunglasses.

If your friend shared the picture with someone else, it likely wasn’t because you looked stupid and she wanted to humiliate you. That’s not how friendship works.

She probably shared it because you thought it was cute or funny, and that’s the kind of thing people share (which is why the Internet is overloaded with pictures of cats in bow ties and puppies cuddling with human babies).

I know you probably don’t want everyone associating you with some weird, tongue hanging out pose – but hey, it’s worked well for Miley Cyrus! She’s a huge superstar because she’s not afraid to look goofy and be herself.

I highly doubt she feels mortified when people stick their tongues out at her in public. She probably loves that she’s getting other people to loosen up and laugh a little, and thinks, “Yeah, rock on with your bad self!”

So, the next time someone sticks their tongue out at you, instead of thinking, “I’m a total loser and everyone’s making fun of me,” tell yourself, “I’m awesome, and they know it!” Then laugh, stick your tongue out back, and say, “Wow, we’re such dorks!”

Trust me, there’s nothing more awesome than someone who realizes it’s kind of cool to be a little dorky sometimes.

I hope this helps!

What advice would YOU give “Why-Did-I-Send-That-Stupid-Photo?”
Have you ever taken a super silly photo? Whenever you see it does it make you SMILE or CRINGE?