January 14, 2015


Mackenzies gift

It’s time! Seriously, I mean it! I’m really going to tell you guys what gift MacKenzie gave me!

Just to catch you up, in case your computer exploded and you haven’t read my blog in two weeks (because there’s no other good excuse not to read it!!!):

MacKenzie added me on Skype during the holiday break and told me she got me a late Christmas gift, but I couldn’t have it till we got back to school.

The suspense was killing me, so I Skyped HER and asked her to give the gift to her mom (who takes spin classes at the gym with my mom) so I could get it sooner.

She said no, because she wanted to see the look on my face when I opened it.

I was so freaked out the night before we went back to school that I had this HORRIBLE nightmare.

I showed up at school wearing nothing but Brianna’s Princess Sugar Plum footie pajamas. They were all stretched out, so I looked totally ridiculous, like my dad when he wears shorts three sizes too small and grosses the neighbors out while jogging.

The whole student body was standing outside my mom’s car, holding massive iPhones, ready to record the whole TERRIFYING ordeal.

Then MacKenzie walked up to me in slow motion holding this giant box that was shaking, like there was some kind of wild animal inside, waiting to jump out at me and bite my nose off!

When I opened the box, I (the dreaming me, not the one in the dream) couldn’t see what was inside it. But my face turned as red as a big glob of ketchup, and my head started expanding, like a balloon a kid was blowing up.

It got SO big that it detached from my neck and starting floating up to the sky, where the whole city could see the look on my face.

I woke up in my bed DRENCHED in sweat. I thought maybe, just maybe, I peed myself, but I couldn’t be sure, on account of all that sweat!

When I got to school I thought something I NEVER think: “I hope I see MacKenzie right away!” I just wanted to get this over with!

And sure enough, I did! She was right outside of school, holding a box. But luckily, it wasn’t shaking, and I wasn’t wearing pajamas made for a five-year old.

She walked toward me, handed me the box, gave me an awkward hug, and said, “Here’s your gift.”

Then she walked away. I opened it right then and saw it was a box of art supplies. Not art supplies nestled in a pile of poisonous bugs. Not art supplies floating in a puddle of cat pee. Just art supplies…and expensive ones!”

It was SO totally weird!

I couldn’t wait until lunch to ask Chloe and Zoey what they thought about this bizarre situation. But then I didn’t have to!

I was in a bathroom stall when MacKenzie and Jessica walked in, and I heard, “My mom is SO annoying, and she needs to mind her own business!”

Then Jessica said, “I know! I can’t believe she bought those art supplies and made you give them to that DORK while she watched!”

MacKenzie responded, “She comes from a LONG LINE of dorks! That brain dead mother of hers keeps blabbing about ‘poor little Nikki’ in spin class. So, my mom felt sorry for her. But, I don’t care if she gets infected with a flesh eating bacteria…I’m NEVER being nice to her again!”

I’m kind of annoyed with my mom, and curious about what she said! But I guess her heart was in the right place, and I got some awesome new art supplies out of the deal!

Are you surprised that’s what the gift was? And what do you think my mom said to MacKenzie’s mom that made her feel bad for me?