September 7, 2023


Hey everyone! I’m so excited to be back. Now that the summer is over and we’re all back in school, hopefully I can hang out with you even more. Did you know that Nikki Maxwell has 15 different diaries?! There’s a new diary for practically every month of the year, PLUS a book on diary tips, and a write-in journal.

OMG!!! That’s a TOTAL of 17 different books!!! 

You can check out ALL of Nikki’s diary books HERE!

Watch my interview with Jade Santana, a really cool reporter from TeenTV who always gets the scoop on the latest teen news. She asked me questions about Nikki’s very first diary that kicked off the Dork Diaries series, BOOK 1: TALES FROM A NOT-SO-FABULOUS LIFE. If you have any questions about Book 1, please leave them in the comments section and later this month I’ll answer a few in my next video, Zoey’s Dorky Details: Dishing Daily Drama!