March 6, 2019



OMG!  So much is happening this month!

A reality TV crew is following me and my BFF’s, Chloe and Zoey,  as we record our popular song from the talent show.

Plus, I have voice lessons, dance practice, and my little sister Brianna’s latest WACKY antics.

I’m SURE I can handle everything! But will all the excitement cause new problems for Brandon and me, now that cameras are EVERYWHERE we go?!

And, will Brandon and I FINALLY have our first KISS?!!!!!

Have fun reading my special,  EXTRA LONG excerpt from Dork Diaries Book 7: Tales From A Not-So-Glam TV Star, below!

I’d love to hear what you thought about the Dork Diaries Book 7 excerpt!

If YOU had your OWN reality TV show, what would it be called (title?) and what would it be about?

What friends would star in it with you?  First names only, please.

I can’t wait to hear all of the details!