April 22, 2022


Last week when Chloe and Zoey brought over a TON of magazines, I looked at a bunch of hairstyles trends and some were so funny that I started sketching us with different hairdos, just to see what we would look like!

First I sketched the three of us with afros. You know, like really big teased up hair that looks kind of like a helmet. To complete the look, I drew us all with bell bottoms and tie-dyed shirts.

OMG, we looked like TOTAL hippies!

After that, I drew us all with big prom hair. Picture us with curly hair all piled on top of our heads.

I gave Chloe a pink princess sort of dress, and I drew Zoey in a short sparkly dress. Mine was super chic! I gave myself a long black lace one shoulder dress…like something you’d see at the Oscars!

Obviously we wouldn’t wear any of these looks or hairdos to school, so I started to think about some new looks we could actually try out with each other. Here’s what I came up with:

Crown braid!

This is when you make a French braid that goes from one side of the front of your head to the other, which make it looks like a crown made out of braided hair.

You can do it with a small amount of hair, or a big thick piece. Either way, it’s a super flirty fun look…a PERFECT hairdo for that department store sundress your mom just bought you!

(And by “you” I mean “me” since my mom still refuses to take me to the mall!!!)

Fishtail braid!

This one is kind of complicated to explain. Basically, you part your whole head of hair down the middle.

Then you take a small piece from the outside of the left section, pull it over that hair, and put it under the hair on the other side….and then repeat on the other side. Then you just keep doing that.

It’s a super cool look and it can be neat or totally messy. I’m thinking this would look good with like jeans and a cute top.

Messy bun!

You know that Lady Gaga look, with a HUGE hair bow on top of her head? This is KINDA the same idea, except it’s something you could actually wear!

You basically put your hair in a high ponytail, and then wrap the hair around it to make a bun. But you make it kind of messy, and use bobby pins to hold your hair down.

I’m thinking this would look cute with skinny jeans and a sweater.

Half up with a Snooki bump!

OK, so it wouldn’t be as HUGE as a Snooki bump, but just the same basic idea. All you need to do is get the section of hair you want to put up, spray it with hairspray, and then tease it with a comb.

Then you have to smooth out the hair on top so it covers the teased part, and use a clip to secure the whole thing to your head.

I’m not really sure what you’d wear with this look! I’m guessing a dress of some sort (hopefully not a super tight one like Snooki wears…those dresses are SO tacky!!)

Do you have any fun hair ideas? Add them below in the comments!!