June 26, 2017



I was sitting in a hair salon, waiting for my mom to get her hair cut, and I was flipping through fashion magazines. Because my phone was dead and what else was there to do??

I saw this one cover that said something like 49 TIPS TO GET BEACH BODY READY!!

Not gonna lie—I snort-laughed at that one. I mean, I have a body. If my body is on a beach, I have a beach body! I’m ready!

But it got me thinking…I’ve got all this extra time during the summer. Maybe it’s time for some self-improvement! Or reinvention! I don’t care about having six pack abs, but what other things could I improve on?

This is what I came up with:

  1. Master liquid eyeliner: I don’t wear that much makeup most days. But on a special occasion, I like to get as glam as the next girl. When I try to rock the liquid eyeliner, though…I look like I got punched. (And that one time I tried glittery liquid eyeliner, I looked like I got punched by a very angry fairy.) But there are a gazillion YouTube videos on this topic. If I practice…I should be able to do it, right?
  2. Expand my art horizons: Most of the doodling I do in my diary is of people—I draw myself, my family and friends! But I thought this summer I might try to branch out and practice drawing more animals, nature and stuff. I think I’m a pretty good artist, but I can always improve!
  3. Learn to rap: Okay, rap has never really been my number one favorite type of music. But Brandon’s friend Max Crumbly was visiting his grandma and working in her yard the other day, and I overheard him rapping! I’m pretty sure he’d made it up and wasn’t singing the latest chartbusters, since his rap was all about the sandwich he was going to make when he was done scooping Creampuff’s poop. EW!! I hope he washed his hands!!! But gross-factor aside, it was kind of catchy. And inspiring. And I though…if he can do it, why can’t I?!
  4. Expand my fashion horizons: Usually I spend most of the summer in shorts and tank tops. I mean it’s HOT! And most days, no one’s going to see me except my family! Who cares what I’m wearing?! But looking at those fashion magazines got me thinking. What BETTER time to try out new fashions than the summer, when no one will see me if I look totally ridiculous?! These are some of the things that are apparently ON TREND for summer 2017: bright yellow, cut out shoulders, scout sashes, giant stripes, and robes. Yes, robes. Like Hogwarts. Or bathrobes. Personally I’m hoping robes really catch on, because that sounds super comfy!
  5. Learn about photography: Okay, I might have a motive for this one and it’s not all about expanding my horizons. 🙂 I DO want to learn how to take good photographs. I SWEAR. And if I happen to need some tutoring from a super cute photographer I know…
  6. Push-ups!: I thought about a bigger fitness goal like training for a 5K or something. But it’s SUMMER. I’m pretty sure I’m legally required to be at least a little lazy. But I’m going to work on push-ups, and by the end of the summer, I’m going to be able to do twenty!
  7. Raise money for Fuzzy Friends: Every summer, Brianna begs to do a lemonade stand and every summer my parents make me help her. It’s always a nightmare. But not this year! This year I’m going to be ready! We’re going to make brownies and rice crispy treats and three different kinds of lemonade. We’re going to advertise and set up by Chloe’s house, which is on a busier street. There’s going to be an umbrella so we don’t melt in the heat. And THEN when it’s all over, we’re going to donate the money to Fuzzy Friends! Because, look, I have to do this lemonade stand thing whether I like it or not. And when life gives you lemons…MAKE LEMONADE!!! 🙂
Do you have any goals for the summer? OR is your goal to be as lazy as possible? (Be honest—we won’t judge!) Tell us in the comments!