May 27, 2020


So, I’ve been writing these spotlight posts for a while and it’s been SUPER fun and inspiring! There are A LOT ofawesome kids out there doing awesome things with their giant hearts, brains and imaginations!

But I realized that there are a LOT of ways to be a stand-out superstar. Some of them are the kids I’ve been writing about who’ve invented something, started a business, or found a way to help thousands of people. And they’re all AMAZING. However, there are also kids who do AMAZING things everyday but probably won’t get news articles written about them.

Like a kid who notices when someone is feeling left out and makes an effort to include them. AMAZING!

A kid who makes a “get well soon” card for their sick neighbor. AMAZING!

A kid who plays a game of Candyland with their four-year-old sibling so their Mom has time to finish her work-out. AMAZING!

A kid who shares her favorite book with a friend who doesn’t have books at home. AMAZING!

A kid who calls out gossip and puts a stop to untrue stories. AMAZING!

I could go on and on, but you get my point. We can all be amazing in our own ways!

If you feel comfortable, I want you guys to shout out what makes YOU amazing in the comments! (And if you’re not comfortable commenting, just think about it for yourself. Maybe write it in YOUR diary!)

If you need ideas, here are some ways YOU might be amazing:

  1. Empathy and compassion – Do you look out for others, and feel for them when they’re hurting? Do you offer a kind word when you can?
  2. Friendship – Are you a great friend? Do you remember to check in with friends you haven’t seen in a while, and make sure people know when you care about them?
  3. Responsibility– Do you stay on top of schoolwork or chores? Do people know they can count on you?
  4. Family member – Do you show gratitude to your family members? Do you step up and help when you can?
  5. Dedication and hard work – Do you work hard at the things that are important to you? Like school, sports, the arts, or STEM?
  6. Environment – Are you a champion for the planet? Do you think about your impact on the planet and try to make choices that are good for the globe?

So, let’s hear it! What makes you amazing?! Take a little bit of the spotlight by shouting yourself out in the comments!