January 14, 2019


OMG!  Monday mornings are the WORST 🙁 !  

Especially during the winter months when it’s always so dark and gloomy.   

As usual, I woke up and dragged myself out of bed. But, when I looked outside, I couldn’t BELIEVE my eyes!

There was like a foot of SNOW outside!  Apparently, a big blizzard hit during the night and our neighborhood looked like the North Pole.  

So, school was canceled, and we got to stay home for a SNOW DAY 🙂 !!  


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE snow days 🙂 !! 

Brianna is already begging me to help her make a snowman, so we’ll do that after lunch. 

The good news is that I get to plan an ENTIRE day of fun and relaxation! 

But, I need your help!  What would YOU do if your school was canceled and you had a SNOW DAY?!

To make it more exciting, I’ve set up a poll with fun activities for you to choose from.