April 22, 2021


Hi Nikki,

The CCPs at my school have been picking on me ALL year! They make fun of the way I dress, the way I do my hair, the way I talk–they even make fun of my backpack. I hate being treated this way, but I’m really shy and I never know what to say or do. Should I stand up to them? If so, what can I do? Help, please!!!

Dork in a Dilemma

Dear Dork in a Dilemma,

I’m so, so sorry you’ve got CCP drama—mean girls are the WORST (trust me, I have some experience with this)! They go after people who are different from them just to make themselves feel more powerful.

Like I said, I’ve dealt with my fair share of mean words and it always hurts—here are a just a few of the ANNOYING things MacKenzie has said to me over the last year:

“So, Nikki, are you going to the Sweetheart Dance? Oh, my bad! They don’t admit ANIMALS!”

“Hey Nikki, do you need a donation to your plastic surgery fund to remove your mustache hair?”

“Nikki, where are pathetic girls like you buying such HIDEOUS clothes? What, do you shop at a store that sells lawn mowers?”

OMG. That girl is SO mean, she’s like a rabid hyena in lip gloss and false eyelashes! ☹!!

Her minions—which include Jessica and a handful of other CCP girls—haven’t been much better. Usually, they’re just going along with MacKenzie because they’re afraid that she’ll start making fun of them, too!

Here’s my advice for how to handle YOUR MacKenzie Hollisters:

  1. Do nothing. Just deal with it. I don’t really suggest this option. It’s obviously bothering you, and you need to address your situation in some way.
  2. Avoid them. Again, not really a good (or realistic) option. Unless you want to change schools (where there might be more mean CCPs), you’ll have to see them at some point.
  3. Get MAD. Pick a time when there are a lot of people around, like the hallway or cafeteria, then yell, “YOU ARE ALL TERRIBLE PEOPLE! YOU’RE HORRIBLE, NASTY JERKS!” Hmm. Technically, this would be in the category of standing up for yourself, but this particular technique has a good chance of backfiring.
  4. Fake It ‘til you Make It. Even if these CCPs hurt your feelings, act like they don’t. Hold your head high, roll your eyes, and walk away like those meanies just don’t matter.
  5. Make a Clever (not mean) Comeback List— If you can never think of how to respond to the CCPs, you can always make a list of clever responses so you’re ready to stand up for yourself. Tip: don’t stoop to their level and just insult them back. I have to admit, I’ve gotten a little snarky with MacKenzie a few times, and while it might be temporarily satisfying to try to be just as nasty as she is, ultimately, it never really helps my situation. You know what? Compliments can actually throw a bully for a loop. Responding calmly with, “You’re really pretty. I love your outfit,” and then walking away might leave a mean girl baffled.
  6. Take Action! Tell a teacher or your parents and see what they say. Most schools have a strict anti-bullying policy, and I’m certain that you’re not the only one dealing with this issue. You could try to organize a school assembly that talks about how mean people STINK, and how nice people go WAY farther in life. Even if the mean CCPs don’t change, they’ll know that adults at school are aware of the issue, and that you’re not just going to take their awful behavior.

All in all, I think you SHOULD stand up to those CCPs—but it’s your choice how to go about it. I know things will be okay—I’m sending a virtual “You can do this, Fellow Dork!” high-five your way!

Okay readers, your turn to chime in—has anyone ever bullied you at school? What advice do you have for Dork In A Dilemma? Tell us all about it in the comments!