August 17, 2018


So, I am the most popular girl at my school, but I don’t terrorize everyone like Mackenzie. I have very good fashion sense and people ask for it. Secretly though, I am a tomboy and I love playing outdoor sports. Should I play and leave the queen bee spot, or should I be someone people admire and ask for advice?

Sporty Dork or Diva?

Hi Sporty Dork or Diva,

Okay, so lots of times when I give advice that basically means “Be yourself,” it’s really easier said than done. Often, letting your inner dork shine through can seem scary. And, sounds like it does for you. But here’s the thing – if you’re the most popular girl at your school, you’ve got power. People already admire you! As a result, you’re in a very good position to be your true self without risking a social catastrophe.

Hey! You could use the power you already have to show people that a person can be fashionable AND sporty. You don’t have to choose between diva and sporty dork! You can be a SPORTY-DORKY DIVA! 🙂

Think about Serena Williams – world-class athlete AND fashion designer/icon! And she’s not the only one! Soccer player Alex Morgan is another fashionista/elite athlete. Tennis player Maria Sharapova, soccer player Sydney Leroux, basketball player Skylar Diggins, boxer Laila Ali, snowboarder Torah Bright, Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas, and racecar driver Danica Patrick are all sporty fashionistas!

Think how much harder it is for someone with no social power to express who they really are. But if you use your social standing, you might show the kids at your school that people are complex and can be more than one thing. It might give other people the confidence they need to show who THEY are.

I really don’t think anyone is going to kick you off your queen bee throne or stop asking you for fashion advice, just because you show you also know how to handle a ball or nail the ultimate floor routine. If anything, you’ll probably get MORE admirers! AND sporty friends who want fashion advice!

And let’s just say there are social consequences (even though I really don’t think there will be)…at least you’ll be free to express yourself and do what you love. Let someone else have the pressure of being queen bee—you can still be fashionable AND have mad sports skillz! Plus, your true friends will stick by you! So, who cares what a bunch of people who were maybe just using you for fashion advice think?

Let your sporty self shine AND let your glam self shine! Do it with confidence, and I bet you’ll have more friends than ever before. And even if not, you’ll be having too much fun to care! 🙂

Do you have a secret interest that doesn’t fit who people think you are? What would you do if you didn’t worry what other people think? Tell us in the comments!