January 24, 2023


OMG!! You are NOT going to believe this!!

I have a super-exciting UPDATE on DORK DIARIES BOOK 15: TALES FROM A NOT-SO-POSH PARIS ADVENTURE!! But, it’s still kind of a SECRET!!

I’m SO excited right now, I can’t even write about it!! I need to TELL you this really big news face to face!!

So, meet me in the LIBRARY, okay?! RIGHT NOW! I’ll be there waiting for you.

Just turn the volume up on your computer or phone, click on the video below, and be prepared to be blown away! SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!

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Are you as excited about Dork Diaries Book 15 as I am?! What do you think is going to happen? Will I make it to Paris or not? Please post your comments below.