November 12, 2018


Today’s quirky question is about SLEEPOVERS!

That’s right! I want to know what YOU would do if the following thing ever happened while you’re hanging out overnight with your friends.

Let’s say that, as a sleepover prank, your BFFs wet your clothes and then stuffed them into the freezer! And when you find them the next morning, they’re FROZEN SOLID!

Now you’re going to have to thaw them out and then put your wet clothes into the dryer before you can get dressed.

What would you do about this annoying prank? Would you…

A) Get mad and go home!

B) Laugh it off while drying your clothes.

C) Spray whipped cream inside their sleeping bags!!

Please choose which answer best describes you and then click the VOTE button to see how everyone answered!

You can share your answers in the comments below and spill about any wicked pranks you’ve pulled at sleepovers or on your friends and family! HAVE FUN!