November 11, 2019


Guess What?!

YOU just made the front page of your school newspaper! How COOL and EXCITING is that?! So, I want all the details please! It should be one of the following:

  1. Something REALLY COOL that actually happened to you that was worthy of the front page of your school newspaper.
  2. Something REALLY COOL that could actually happen to you and is front page news.
  3. Something REALLY COOL that you WISH could happen to you and/or is your WILDEST DREAM and worthy of a front page headline.

Please include a headline with your answer. For example, I won first place in an art contest before, so my headline would be, “ARTISTIC GENIUS! NIKKI SNAGS FIRST PLACE IN ART CONTEST.” Then you can write a paragraph about what happened.

Squeeee!! I just can’t WAIT to see what you write! 🙂