July 16, 2019


Okay guys, this time you have a REALLY FUN question to answer!

If you could create YOUR very own DREAM summer camp, what would it be called?Describe it in detail and give me a list of the fun activities that campers would participate in!

Here is MY answer:

My dream camp would be called, CAMP DIARY!

We’d spend most of the day writing in our diaries but we’d also have fun activities like painting, reading, drawing, swimming, baking cupcakes, zip lining, and hiking.

In the morning, we’d hang out in our cabin and write in our diaries. In the afternoon, we’d find a comfy spot to write in the woods or by the lake.  And, in the evening, we’d write in our diaries around a camp fire while roasting marshmallows.

My camp would be very relaxing and also FUN!

Now, tell me about YOUR dream camp in the comments section below!