October 17, 2019

Play The New Halloween Dork Maker Game!

Check out my new HALLOWEEN DORK MAKER GAME! I have EVERYTHING you could possibly need to make an ADORKABLE, SPOOKY, or TERROR-IFIC Character!

To get started, all you need to do is select your favorite costume, hair style, expression, mask, accessories and background.

Then, when you’re done hit the DOWNLOAD ARROW to either SAVE YOUR CREATION or START OVER! If you save your character, it’ll be automatically downloaded so you can share it with your friends, or you can email it or print and color it. And, once you’ve colored it, you can even upload it to my Fan Art Page so I can share your Halloween Character with Dorks all around the world!

There’s over a MILLION different combinations in my DORK MAKER game!! So, I know you’ll have a ton of fun channeling your inner DORK to create YOUR one of a kind SPOOK-TACULAR Halloween Character!

Have fun and please post your comments below. And, have a SAFE and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

Click on the Dork Maker Pic below to play the game!