November 29, 2014

OMG! I think my friend is a cheater!!!


Dear Brandon,

I am in the same classroom as a friend of mine and we sit next to each other. But lately, I think she’s started cheating off my paper during tests. It seems like she stares at my work and then writes down the same answers. So, I just try to cover my paper with my hand so she can’t see the answers.

I’ve haven’t said anything to my teacher yet because I don’t want to get her in trouble. But, if she gets caught, I’m afraid that I may get in trouble too, if the teacher thinks I’m helping her.

What should I do?


Dear Chelsea,

You seem like a really nice person, since you care about not getting her in trouble. You also seem like a really smart person – and not just because people want to cheat off you!

I think you’re smart because you realize that you could actually get in trouble for this, because you could.

In fact, if you guys have the same answers, your teacher could even think that you were cheating off her!

The way I see it, you have three options, which I’ve labeled as A, B, and C – A for awkward, B for blunt, and C for clever.

A. Ask her if she’s cheating.

I told you it’s kind of awkward. But with this option, you give her the benefit of the doubt. You consider that maybe she’s not really looking at your test – she just loves your handwriting so much that she can’t look away! Just keep in mind she might lie about it. (Cheaters aren’t usually that honest!) Then you’re back where you started.

B. Tell your teacher you think she’s cheating.

Be blunt and tell it like it is. This way, she knows to keep an eye out for it, and you don’t have to worry about the consequences anymore. You’re off the hook, without any awkwardness, though you might feel a little guilty when she gets in trouble.

C. Tell your teacher you’ve heard rumors that someone might be cheating.

This way, you don’t come right out and tell on her, but she knows to be on the lookout for wandering eyes. And if she catches your friend, she’ll know you definitely weren’t in on it. (Clever, right?)

Regardless of the option you choose, try not to feel too bad if she gets in trouble. She is doing something seriously wrong. And maybe if she gets in trouble, she’ll learn from this, stop cheating, and save herself some serious heartache down the road.

I hope this helps!