December 25, 2020

My Super Exciting Christmas Eve!

Hi everyone!  Today I’m posting about my Christmas Eve which was on December 24th!  And, tomorrow I tell you all about my Christmas Day!   

My mom just finished baking cookies and the house smells DELISH!  Our presents are under the tree, and Brianna and I DYING to open them! 

Each year, my Dad competes with our neighbors for the “Best Decorated House Award!”   But, this year I think Dad outdid himself!  

The Christmas lights on our house are OUTRAGEOUS!!  I bet you can see our house from space.  I wish I could show everyone what our house looks like. 

OMG!!  I just had the most KA-RAY-ZEE idea!!!!!!!  

Brandon has a video camera, right?!   Maybe HE’LL take a video of our house for me and then I can share it with all of YOU, my BFFS!   

I think I’ll just text him and ask.  Be right back…!!

Great news!  Brandon came over and videotaped us driving past our house with our Holiday music BLASTING in the van.  Thank you, Brandon!  

Here is the video of the AWESOME lights and decorations on our house!!…     

Let me know what you think of our holiday lights and decorations in the comments section below.  How did you spend YOUR Christmas Eve?