January 4, 2016

My Number One New Year’s Resolution!!!

Nikki New Year Resolution

It’s a NEW YEAR!! 2016!! It’s the year I’m going to become a movie star-Olympic athlete-class president-gourmet chef-world class gymnast-artist !

Okay, maybe not. But Chloe said during our New Year’s Eve sleepover that we each had to come up with a list of New Year’s resolutions. She was SO excited about it—she even busted out the jazz hands!!

Zoey and I promised we’d come up with our own resolutions and report back! So, let’s see…

RESOLUTION #1: Tell Brandon EXACTLY how I feel about him.

Except the thing is that every time I talk to Brandon I melt into a puddle of goo and stare into his eyes for what feels like FOREVER and it’s hard to remember to breathe properly. So HOW am I supposed to form words that tell him exactly how I feel???
Scratch that one. Let me try again…

RESOLUTION #1: Get strong!!!

When I helped Dad carry the Christmas tree out to the curb, I had to stop and rest three times! How RIDICULOUS is that?? I am a girl and girls RUN THE WORLD! But my arms are tiny little twigs. So, I’m going to work out! Drink protein shakes and lift weights and do yoga! Except…protein shakes are GROSS. Have you ever had one? And lifting weights seems really boring. And one time I DID try yoga, and right in the middle of the class, when everything was quiet and peaceful and our butts were all pointed to the sky…I farted !!! So maybe I’ll just stay weak.

What else could I resolve? Hmmm…

RESOLUTION #1: Try to get along with Bria—

Never mind. I couldn’t even write the whole sentence. My little sister is crazy-pants. I can’t control that. Don’t ask me to try. How about…

RESOLUTION #1: Do ALL of my homework as soon as I get home from school.

This way I’ll have the rest of the evening for texting with friends and binging on Netflix and doodling Brandon’s name all over my desk. LOL !!! I mean, I love this one in theory, but what am I supposed to do if Brandon calls when I’m in the middle of my math homework? NOT ANSWER so I’ll have time to dream about him later!?!?! Um, NO. I’m supposed to answer and TALK TO BRANDON. So, this one just isn’t practical.

I really need to come up with something good, though, or Chloe will be so disappointed.

RESOLUTION # 1: Become a vegan.

I have heard this is good for the planet. I won’t miss my mom’s meatloaf. Ooh, I won’t have to eat Grandma’s Beef Stroganoff, either!! This is good! It might be the one. Except…the problem with being a vegan is that I could only have veggie pizza. And wait a second! Vegan means no cheese, too!! I couldn’t have pizza at all! There are NO jazz hands in a world without pizza.

I love my girl Chloe a lot, but…

Hang on a second!! I think I’ve got it!! This is the one thing that I KNOW I can keep doing and do well and it’s good for me and keeps me sane (sort of). So here it is…

RESOLUTION #1 (For real this time!!!): KEEP WRITING IN MY DIARY.

Every day, good stuff, bad stuff. Write. It. Down. I’ve got this.

What are your resolutions? Tell me in the comments!!