July 19, 2018


Hey Nikki! So, I have a MAJOR PROBLEM! I went to a salon and asked for a shoulder length haircut. And the lady cut my hair up to my ears! I look HIDEOUS! 🙁

When school starts in the fall, I’m afraid everyone will make fun of me. What should I do???

Horrified By Hideous Haircut

Hi Horrified By Hideous Haircut,

Oh no!!!! Hair emergency!!! 🙁  

This is the worst nightmare EVER! A haircut can TOTALLY give us major confidence or TOTALLY destroy all confidence we ever had. I’ve BEEN THERE.

So from experience I can tell you, as hard as it is, try not to freak out too much. It’s not what you wanted, and that’s super disappointing. But that doesn’t mean it’s awful. I promise!!!

For one thing, at least it’ll grow back. Right??

You might just need to get used to it, and learn how to style it (especially if you’ve never had short hair). I DEFINITELY don’t think kids at school will make fun of you. Short hair can be SUPER cute, and the main thing with any hairstyle (or fashion style or makeup style) is to rock it with confidence.

If you hate it, people will be able to tell. Mean kids sense weakness and poke fun into those places. But if you figure out how to love it and rock it, people will see you as that girl who had the confidence to go for a bold new look!

So, play around with how to style it. If you hate a cut, a salon will often offer a recut or a refund. You might not want to work with this stylist again. But you could maybe ask the salon if a different stylist would show you how to style this new cut. Or if you just don’t want to step foot in a salon again, look on YouTube for short hair styling tutorials.

And, like I said, the other thing to remember about a haircut you hate is that hair grows!!! I know, not as quickly as you’d like, but the thing is to remember that it’s not permanent. It’ll be back to your usual length before you know it. But until then, your task is to rock it with confidence!

Who knows, you might end up loving it so much, you’ll keep it short! You never know! 🙂

Have you ever gotten a haircut you HATED? How did you deal?! Tell us in the comments.