January 17, 2015

My Friends Think I’m Boring!!

Hey Brandon,

I love art, reading books, and writing stories.

However, whenever I tell people what my hobbies are, they call me boring or say that I’m wasting my life because there are better things to spend money on than art supplies and books. Other people say that I should do a sport instead.

I’m tired of people trying to discourage me from doing the things
I love most. What should I say to these people?


Anxious Angsty Artist

What’s up Anxious Angsty Artist,

You sound like a really cool kid. You have tons of passions, and really interesting ones.

Art, books, and stories aren’t boring at all. Take a look around this site – it’s all about art, books, and stories! If it weren’t for art, books, and stories, you wouldn’t even be here asking me for this advice.

I’m going to tell you something I learned when I first got into photography. People sometimes discourage you because they have their own idea of what’s best for you. And it’s not always what’s actually best for you – sometimes it’s what’s best for them.

Your best friend might tell you to do sports instead of painting because she wants you on her team.

Your cousin might tell you to stop writing stories because he wants to write stories; but someone told him it’s not a realistic career path and he’s wasting his time, so he thinks he’s saving you time as well.

And your sister might tell you to stop reading so much because you both share a room, and she’s tired of tripping over massive piles of books.

All this stuff has one thing in common – it’s all about them! And most of it comes from a good place.

That friend wants you on her team because she likes being around you.

The cousin who discouraged you because someone told him to be more realistic assumed it’s good advice, and he’s trying to help.

And your sister, well, she just wants you to get rid of all your stuff and sleep in a tiny ball on the floor in the corner so it’s like she has her own room. But hey, two out of three ain’t bad!

If you remember that most people mean well, it will be a lot easier to say, “Thanks for caring, but I know what I care about – and that’s doing what I like, not pleasing everyone else!”

Hey readers, what advice do you have for Anxious Angsty Artist?