February 6, 2020

My Crush Likes Me Back But…!

Hi Nikki! 

I have a crush on this CCP boy. And guess what?! He’s actually crushing on ME, too! Awesome, right?!! The only thing is he wants to be better than I am at everything. Like, he thinks I’m weak and that he has to stand up for me even when I can do it myself. Plus he even seems to have a problem with the fact that I get the best scores on all our tests and stuff. What’s up with this guy?!

Please give me your best advice, Nikki!

Crushed By Crush

Hi Crushed By Crush,

Okay, when I first started reading your letter I was super excited! You have a crush! He likes you back! SQUEEEEE!!!! You’re living the dream 😀 !!

But then I got to the next part. He wants to be better than you and doesn’t let you stand up for yourself. I mean…the whole hero thing can seem a little swoony at first, but you’re a strong girl and you know it. It’s NOT good that he doesn’t respect that. I mean, c’mon! It’s 2020, dude! 

And then the last part? He has a problem with your awesome brain?!! 

Oh HECK no!! 🙁 !!

I guess my main question is…do you really think he’s a good crush? I mean, I assume he’s cute and you said he’s a CCP. Maybe he’s funny or charming. But is that enough if he doesn’t let you do your thing without being all “HEY YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE BETTER THAN ME AT ANYTHING!!” about it? 

The truth is, I don’t think so! 🙁

There’s a chance he’s a good guy who just needs to be enlightened. But it’s really not your responsibility to teach him how to respect girls.

I think the best thing you can do is continue to be your awesome, strong, and high-achieving self. Don’t ever change that for ANY crush! If he’s a good guy, he’ll see how awesome you are and realize that it makes you even cooler.

And if he’s doesn’t see that? Well girlfriend, I’d say it’ time to MOVE ON and find a new crush! 

What do you guys think? Have you ever had a crush or friend who got upset whenever you did something awesome? Any advice for Crushed By Crush?