January 25, 2020

My class is so loud!!!

Hi Brandon,

 I am so frustrated because the kids in my class cannot shut up for 10 seconds and it is SO hard to focus! They blab on and on and they’re not even talking about whatever we’re doing. It drives me crazy and I can’t concentrate on what I’m supposed to be learning. But I’m the annoying teacher’s pet if I shush them. What should I do?! 

Crazy Classroom Chaos

Hello Crazy Classroom Chaos,

Ugh. That IS super frustrating. Like you, I’m the kind of person who needs quiet to focus too. And I also get uncomfortable when kids are disrespecting a teacher. I don’t think it makes you a teacher’s pet. I think it makes you thoughtful and mature. 

BUT I know that doesn’t really help when other kids call you a teacher’s pet. And the bigger issue here is you not being able to concentrate, right?

I think the first thing to do is talk to your teacher. Do it when other kids aren’t around, so go early or stay late. Tell her or him you’re having trouble concentrating because of the amount of noise and activity in the classroom. (And BTW don’t make it sound like your teacher can’t control the class. Just make it about what YOU need to learn.) See if you can come up with some solutions together. There’s a chance that telling your teacher will make him or her try to settle your classmates down a bit. 

If your teacher can’t get the class to settle down, then accommodations must be made for you to get your work done. You could come up with a signal so that if things get too loud you can take your work to the library, go sit outside the classroom or something. 

You might also be able to wear noise-cancelling ear buds during classwork time. You’d need permission, of course, but that might help. 

And if your teacher doesn’t do anything, you may need to talk to your parents and possibly the principal about it. It’s important for you to be able to concentrate at school.

How do you handle it when other students are being rowdy and you need to concentrate? Are you ever one of the rowdy students? Tell us in the comments!