October 22, 2018


I hope you enjoyed my video for DORK DIARIES BOOK 13: TALES FROM A NOT-SO-HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

To celebrate its release, I’m going KAY-RAY-ZEE with this party stuff!

Mostly EVERYTHING here will be about PARTIES, PARTIES and MORE PARTIES for the entire week.

Here is a list of my fun and exciting activities that will help YOU plan your OWN awesome birthday party:
  1. MAKE A GUEST LIST – Invite Your FAV Celebs To YOUR Party (here)
  2. SELECT A CAKE – Vote on My FINAL Birthday Cake From the Top 6  (here)
  3. PICK PARTY SUPPLIES – Pick Cute and Colorful Party Supplies For YOUR Party (Coming Wednesday, October 24th!)
  4. FIND THE PERFECT PARTY THEME AND DECORATE – Choose an Exciting Theme and Awesome Party Decorations (Scroll down below)
  5. SELECT  YOUR PARTY GAMES! – Pick Cool Party Games (Coming Saturday, October 27th)
  6. READ THE FIRST 30 PAGES OF BOOK 13 (here)

Hopefully, this will be a super FUN week!!  And, when we’re done, EVERYONE here will be party EXPERTS and ready to throw your OWN bash!

So, now it’s time for YOU to select the THEME and DECORATIONS for YOUR party!

My BFFs and I have lots of cool party ideas we picked out just for YOU!

Even MacKenzie has some suggestions for you! I know. I couldn’t believe it either. I think she’s being super nice and helpful just so you’ll invite her to your party!

Let me know what you think about our fabulous party ideas in the comments section below.

To get started, click the photo below: