Meet the Characters


Nikki Maxwell

Nikki is the new girl in school. She’s a self-proclaimed dork and chronic doodler with big dreams and an even bigger addiction to writing in her diary. Nikki often underestimates herself despite her many talents. Although she finds herself knee deep in drama (no thanks to her little sister and arch nemesis) this dork embraces her dorkyness and always lands on her feet!



Chloe Christina Garcia

Chloe is Nikki’s boy-crazy BFF, partner in crime and amateur romance expert. She’s sweet, girly, really sensitive and loves to read all of the latest novels. Chloe is very protective of Nikki and always has her back when the going gets tough. She can bring a big smile to Nikki’s face with a group hug or by flashing her “jazz hands.”



Zoeysha Ebony Franklin

Zoey is Nikki’s BFF, partner in crime, and a human Wikipedia. She’s brainy, mature, and a loyal friend who enjoys reading self-help books and spouting off zany quotes from famous people. She’s funny, creative and bails Nikki out of trouble on the reg. You can always go to Zoey for homework help or a quick therapy session!



MacKenzie Hollister

MacKenzie puts the “H” in hater. She’s the glamorous, queen bee of the CCPs (Cool, Cute & Popular), and lives for fashion, lip gloss, selfies, and making people miserable—especially dorks like Nikki Maxwell. Her motto is, “Whatever MacKenzie wants, MacKenzie gets.” So, if you’re a threat, watch your back because beneath her confident, fabulous exterior there’s a whole lot of CRAZY!



Brandon Roberts

Brandon is Nikki’s secret (but not-so-secret) crush. He’s smart, funny, down to earth, and a very skilled reporter and photographer for the school newspaper. Despite Brandon’s popularity and obvious good looks, he’s a loner who’s also a little awkward around girls. But there’s one girl he’s interested in. Who could it be??



Mr. Maxwell

Nikki’s dad is the bug exterminator at Nikki’s snobby prep school. He’s a total cornball who proudly drives around town in his work van with a five-foot long giant plastic roach on top. He’s Nikki’s biggest fan but she keeps his work at her school a big secret. He loves squashing roaches, elevator music, and butting into Nikki’s social life. Unfortunately they don’t make sprays for pests this big.



Brianna Maxwell

Brianna is Nikki’s wacky little sister. Also known as Madame Bri-Bri, she’s a bratty T-Rex in pigtails. She’s spunky, stubborn, and loves getting into trouble with her imaginary sidekick, Miss Penelope (a puppet). Brianna thinks she’s tough as nails, but she’s terrified of the tooth fairy! Her crazy antics make you want to laugh out loud, or pull out your hair!



Mrs. Maxwell

Nikki’s mom is the most normal member of her family. She wants the best for Nikki and expects the best out of her, too. This super mom is ALWAYS happy and cheerful which gets on Nikki’s nerves. She loves chocolate and relaxing bubble baths. Her hobbies include gardening, trying to cook edible food and family sharing time.