May 17, 2024


In my science class this month we’ve been studying various animal species and which ones are categorized as endangered, vulnerable, and threatened. Since I’m totally into animals I wanted to help raise awareness of the importance of Endangered Species Day and what we can do to prevent an animal from becoming extinct. My lab partner, Nikki, had the most brilliant idea to help me spread the news about endangered animals. She signed us up to compete in the Westchester Country Day Endangered Species Chalk Art Contest and she helped me create a really fun quiz for us to share with our classmates. 

The best part about this whole project was:

  • Having the perfect excuse to hang out with Nikki!
  • Learning how to draw a really cool tiger!
  • Finding out how animals got placed on the endangered list!
  • Celebrating and taking action to protect threatened, vulnerable, and endangered species!
  • Sharing fun facts about endangered species with my classmates!
  • Winning the chalk art competition with the best lab partner ever! 

Who knew chalk art would be so much fun! 

Speaking of fun, check out our quiz to see how many facts you know about endangered species. Hey, maybe you can even find a chalk art competition in your community! 

Which animal would you draw to celebrate Endangered Species Day?