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May 7, 2016


Max Is Crushing On Erin



Okay, most of you probably know this guy by now, right?

His name is MAX CRUMBLY and he is Brandon’s best friend.  Max attends South Ridge Middle School and hangs out at Fuzzy Friends shelter a few times a week helping Brandon take care of the animals there.

Max actually saved our behinds in Dork Diaries Book 10 – Tales From a Not-So Perfect Pet Sitter because Chloe, Zoey, Marcy,  Brandon,  and I were about to get into really BIG trouble with Principal Winston that probably would have resulted in an after school detention or WORST!

Anyway, Max is crushing on a girl at his school named, Erin.  And, Brandon actually asked ME for advice about what Max should do to let Erin know that he likes her.

Which is really WEIRD because I know GIRLS worry and freak out around crushes, but I didn’t know that guys did this too.

I was like, “Guys have it so much easier than girls.  Guys tend to ignore us most of the time.”

And, Brandon was like, “No way!  Guys have it 10 times worse! Girls are VERY hard to talk to and make us really nervous. And, most of the time they just stare at us like we’re crazy or something!”

Anyway, we got into this really heated discussion about who is friendlier and easier to talk to.

Personally, I think girls are really friendly to guys and easy to talk to.

But, Brandon says guys are A LOT more friendly to girls than girls are to guys.

So, Brandon and I need your help with advice for Max.

Should Max let Erin know that he likes her?  YES or NO!

If yes, what things can he do at school to show that he is a good friend?

And, finally, who has it EASIER in the CRUSH department, GIRLS or GUYS?!         (and, why do you feel this way?)

Please post your thoughts below.

And, if you want to learn more about Max, his life in middle school, and his CRUSH, you can visit his website using the link in the banner at the top of this page. Read an excerpt from his hilarious journal and get the GUY’S point of view!