February 28, 2018


Hi Nikki,

I’ve always kept a diary. But sometimes it gets boring, which is sad because I love the idea of writing down my thoughts and feelings to get them off my chest. Since you’re an expert at the whole writing in your diary thing, could you please give me some tips on how to make it more interesting?

Dissatisfied Diary Dork

Hi Dissatisfied Diary Dork,

I can DEFINITELY give diary tips! There aren’t a LOT of things I’m an expert in, but diary-writing is one of them!! 🙂

I know what you mean, though. I hear this a lot. People love the idea of a diary, but then when they sit down to write in it, everything feels boring. So here are my main tips:

  1. Use prompts! Your diary doesn’t have to just be a recounting of what you did that day. For most people, that gets boring. So use journal prompts. Prompts are questions or assignments that help you get going, like “Write a letter to your older self” or “What brings you joy?” or “Make a bucket list.” If you search the Internet for “journal prompts,” you’ll find TONS of lists. Some of them are geared toward adults, but loads of them work for anyone. (Also, my OMG ALL ABOUT ME DIARY is filled with cool ideas, so you could totally start there!)
  2. Use the same structure! Some people like a routine and would get overwhelmed by new prompts every day. If that’s you, try answering the same three questions every day. As an example: What one thing are you grateful for today? What’s the best thing that happened to you today? And what are your goals for tomorrow?
  3. Don’t censor yourself! Your diary is for you and you alone! So don’t worry about it being perfect. Don’t worry about skipping days. No one is grading you. If your prompts lead you into writing about something completely different, that’s fine! Go where your brain wants you to go—it’s the whole point! And, be HONEST about how you feel.
  4. Doodle & draw! A diary doesn’t only have to be written. You can doodle and draw (like I do!). Or if you don’t enjoy drawing, you can find other ways to make it visually interesting. Cool stickers and washi tape are fun. You can also make it sort of like a scrapbook and paste in ticket stubs, notes from friends, etc.
  5. Use supplies that work for you. If you can afford them, some nice pens and a special journal can make your diary feel like a really special experience. BUT you can also use a pencil and notebook paper and make it just as special. It can feel kind of nice if you have one particular pen (or pencil) you use with your diary. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive—it just sets it apart as an important thing.
  6. Don’t force it.  Writing in a diary should be fun and relaxing, plus it should help you deal with your life. If it’s stressful, something’s wrong. So some days you won’t feel like writing in it. No big deal. Give yourself a break. When you come back, try to mix it up and do something different than you’d been doing before – draw or answer a silly prompt, etc. The main thing with keeping a diary is that it should be something you’re excited to do. If it’s not, you might want to try some of the tips above.

I hope that helps! I love my diary SOOOOOO much and I hope you find ways to make your diary as important to you as mine is to me!

Do you keep a diary? How do you keep it fun and exciting? Tell us in the comments!