June 16, 2019


Hey Dude! 

There’s this girl in my class who’s really pretty and nice. I try to talk to her but whenever I try, I act like a fool! I tried to compliment the way she smelled one time and I said she smelled like toilet bowl cleaner! Yeah, I know, I need SERIOUS HELP! How do I talk to such a beautiful girl?!?!?

Goofy Around Girls

What’s Up Goofy Around Girls,

LOL! Oh man, I feel your pain. But, I’ve also got to laugh for a minute. Toilet bowl cleaner?! 🙂 🙂 🙂

I get it, though. I’ve been there. I mean, not there exactly, but saying really dumb stuff when I’m trying to talk to a girl I like. It seems like some guys are so smooth and know exactly what to say. I’m not one of them. And neither are you, my friend. 🙂

But, you know what? I bet those guys who seem so smooth to us probably go home and replay their conversations with crushes and wish they’d said things differently, better or whatever. And I bet they have moments when they say totally dumb stuff, too. 

Here are my tips on talking to a crush (and I think these work for girls with guy crushes too):

  1. Remember, crushes are people too. When we have a crush, we sometimes put people on pedestals and act like they’re perfection, and if they’re perfection, then obviously they’re going to judge anyone who’s NOT, right? Uh, wrong. First, they’re not perfect. They say and do dumb stuff too. And did you ever think that she might be nervous talking to you as well? It’s highly likely! 
  2. Ask them questions about themselves and whatever they’re into. That way you show interest, and they’ll do most of the talking.
  3. Be authentic. Which is another way of saying be yourself. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. If you’re awkward, try to be funny. She might find it cute and amusing. And you want her to like you for who you are, not some made up, phony dude you can’t keep pretending to be forever.
  4. Remember there’s always tomorrow. I mean, if she obviously shuts you down and clearly wants nothing to do with you, you should absolutely back off and not approach her again. But otherwise? Everyone has off days, and you don’t only get one chance to talk to most people. Maybe next time you’ll be smoother. Maybe not. But you can keep trying. 
  5. Practice! I’m not saying talk to yourself in the mirror or anything. (Although you could…) But maybe spend more time talking to other girls, ones you don’t have crushes on. If you get more comfortable talking to girls in general, it won’t be such a huge leap to talk to a girl you have a big crush on. 

I hope these ideas help. I think I’m going to review them myself the next time I’m starting a conversation with MY crush!

How do you talk to a crush or someone you really like without turning into a puddle of goo? Share your advice in the comments!