June 13, 2019


Hey Nikki! 

So I’m a little embarrassed to say this, but here it goes anyways: I’m 13 years old and STILL sleep with a stuffed animal! I’m going to summer camp soon and I’m afraid that everybody is going to judge me for it! But I’m going to be gone for a whole week so I don’t really wanna leave it at home. What should I do?

Cute And Cuddly Conflict

Hi Cute And Cuddly Conflict,

First of all, SQUEEE! Summer camp!! That sounds so fun!! 🙂

Here’s what you should do: Take your stuffed animal with you! A week is a long time away from home, and it’s totally normal to bring something that makes you feel more comfortable. For some people, that’ll mean certain pajamas, photos or a diary. Some people might bring all three! There’s nothing wrong with your comfort item being a stuffed animal. 

This is totally one of those situations where it’s ALL about how you react to what other people think. Let me give you some examples: 

You: (Unpacking)

Mean CCP girl: What’s that? (Pointing at your stuffed animal.)

You: What? (Looks guilty, grabs the animal, shoves it under your pillow.) Oh, nothing.

Mean CCP girl: Let me see! Is that…a stuffed animal?

You: What? No! My mom probably stuck it in my suitcase.

Mean CCP girl: OMG! She brought a stuffed animal! LOLOLOL!!! What a baby!!

OR, it could go like this…

You: (Unpacking)

Mean CCP girl: What’s that? (Pointing at your stuffed animal.)

You: (Totally matter-of-fact and confident.) That’s Mr. Fluffybottoms.

Mean CCP girl: Ummm…what?

You: Mr. Fluffybottoms. (You don’t offer any extra explanations unless asked because you’re awesome and not afraid to do you.) 

Mean CCP girl: Ummm…she brought a stuffed animal to camp.

You: Yep. Isn’t he cute?


Yep, he reminds me of home.


Yep. Hey, who wants to roast marshmallows by the campfire and tell spooky ghost stories? 

If you don’t make a big deal of bringing your stuffed animal, no one else will. And honestly, everyone is going to be dealing with their own nerves about being away from home and trying to fit in. Even the CCPs! They probably won’t even notice.

And, if anyone does notice and makes fun of you, that’s a good sign of someone who’s insecure and not worth your time. You want your week of camp to be fun and awesome, which means only hanging with fun and awesome people, not haters. Fun and awesome people are not going to care if you have a stuffed animal. They might even have their own! 🙂

Do you have a favorite stuffed animal or thing that makes you feel more at home when you’re away? Tell us about it in the comments!