January 22, 2019


OMG, I’m SO frustrated right now!

I’m sitting on my bed writing because I have a MAJOR dilemma!!

It all started earlier this morning. I got a text from Chloe reminding me about our plans for after school. Chloe, Zoey, and I wanted to hang out at the mall today to spend some of our holiday money. And with all of the post-holiday sales, we were sure to find some GREAT deals!

We went to Queasy Cheesy first so that we wouldn’t be shopping on empty stomachs. We ordered a large double cheese meat lovers pizza. As traumatic as Queasy Cheesy has been for me in the past, it definitely hit the spot!

“Yum!” Chloe picked up a slice and the gooey cheese stretched. She pulled it to the right, then to the left, but it only stretched further! It’s like the cheese was made out of super-strength rubber!!

Soon enough, we were all laughing as Chloe waved her pizza all over the place. She looked like a musical conductor that was hyped up on tons of caffeine!

But our hilarious moment was ruined when I heard a VERY familiar voice nearby.

“C’mon Amanda, can’t you walk AND eat?”


Chloe and Zoey must have also heard her since their eyes went WIDE with terror. They hunkered down in our booth while I peeked over to keep an eye on her.

“But I want to SIT and eat,” Amanda fought back.

“Fine, but you have ten minutes to eat this gooey mess. The sale at Picture This ends soon and I need to find a perfect gift for Brandon!”

Then they sat in an empty booth right behind us.

“You guys!!” I practically shouted to get their attention. But it’s not like I needed to yell, they were right in front of me!

“What’s wrong, Nikki?!”

“MacKenzie is getting something for Brandon. But why?!”

My besties just looked at me as if I was crazy.

“Maybe because his birthday is at the end of January, remember?”

Zoey said.

Of course I remembered Brandon’s birthday was this month! How could I possibly forget?!

I already had a perfect gift in mind for him! It was even wrapped up and ready in my room at home.

But if MacKenzie was trying to win him over with a gift from Picture This, that meant I had to do better! I didn’t want to get in a competition with her, but Brandon is TOTALLY worth it!

That’s when I got the fabulous idea to MAKE him something! So far the only idea I have is to turn one of his photographs into artwork, but I’m not sure if that’s cheesier than the pizza we’re eating.

So now I’m trying to think of some other heartfelt gift that I can get him for his birthday.

I really hope I can think of something soon!

Hey readers, help me out! Do you have any super awesome gift ideas for Brandon? Should I buy or make something for him? Tell me your ideas in the comments! Also, have you ever made a gift for someone special in your life? What did you make?