March 14, 2018


Hi Nikki,
I admit that I’m a bit of a diva and a little materialistic. But, some of my classmates DESPISE it. They’re all like, “Do you realize you don’t HAVE to be so fashionable?” or “Stop whining about your looks!” How do I stay myself and apply lip gloss without being labeled a “MacKenzie Wannabe?”

Not A MacKenzie Wannabe

Hello Not A MacKenzie Wannabe,

I love when I get questions that give me a bit of insight into how the CCPs feel. We talk a lot on here about what it means and how it feels to be a dork, and sometimes we might not think about how CCPs have insecurities too! CCPs have feelings that can be hurt when other people judge them or make mean comments. So thanks for opening up!

Let’s make one thing clear: What makes MacKenzie a “mean girl” isn’t her fashion sense or the lip gloss. It’s the fact that she cares MORE about her appearance than about other people. PLUS she uses her flawless appearance and expensive clothes to make other people feel bad about themselves.

Also, she’s just plain MEAN! 🙁

Like, if you stripped away all of her hair, makeup and fancy clothes – and I don’t mean, like, make her go naked or anything, but just make her wear department store jeans, a plain old t-shirt and sneakers every day – she’d STILL find ways to act like she’s better than everyone else and make others feel awful about themselves.

Believe me, it’s not about the good looks or the lip gloss!

So, make sure that you’re not acting conceited or self-centered.  If you’re a nice person, then the judgy people are the ones with the problem, not you.

No matter how you act, some people might not like you. You just can’t please everyone. They might be jealous. They might be trying to make themselves feel better by putting you down (just like a certain someone I know…). But whatever their problem is, if you’re genuinely being a nice person and not judging OTHER people because they aren’t as fashionable as you are or aren’t into makeup, then it’s THEIR problem and not yours.

There’s totally nothing wrong with being into fashion, makeup or whatever. There’s nothing wrong with loving selfies or being excited about new shoes. It’s hard enough to be a girl in the world. Especially at our age! If you can find joy in those things, and have the self-esteem to be excited about your appearance, then YOU GO, GIRL!! (Do people still say that? My mom says it sometimes. Usually I think it’s super weird, but it just seemed to fit here.)

So, many of us are too worried all the time about how to please other people. It’s really draining! But it sounds like fashion and lip gloss make YOU happy, and I think that’s awesome. 🙂

I mean, keep in mind WHEN it’s appropriate to apply lip gloss – probably not in the middle of math class. But as long as you do that and you’re a nice person, I think you do your best to shrug off any haters and keep on looking cute!

Hey readers, does anyone ever judge you for being too into your looks? How do you handle it? Tell us in the comments!