December 7, 2016




I always get in massive trouble if I don’t clean my room, but I HATE cleaning! It’s the WORST!! Do you know how I can make cleaning fun and easy to do?!

Mess Stress

Hi Mess Stress,

Oooh, boy. If I knew how to make cleaning fun and easy, I’d be rich! Imagine what people would pay for that secret! Housekeepers would have the most fun job in the world! Moms wouldn’t have to beg their kids to clean! Kids would always have something fun to do!!

Seriously, though, this is a problem we can all relate to. Well, except for the few among us who genuinely enjoy cleaning. But they are definitely the exception. AND they never let their rooms get messy enough that cleaning it up is a real pain.

(Hang on, they might be on to something there…)

But most of us don’t mind some mess, and it’s a constant battle with parents who do. I think some parents are worried about hygiene (I mean, it’s probably not great to have moldy things growing under your bed). I think some parents just think everything looks nicer when it’s neat. And, I think some believe you’ll have an easier time staying focused and organized in your schoolwork if your surroundings are organized.

Regardless of your parents’ reasons, you’re getting in trouble for your messy room. So, we have to come up with some solutions on getting it clean (and keeping it clean)!

I mean, look. When we’re in preschool, the teachers sing the clean-up song and we’re supposed to believe that makes it fun. Nothing is going to make cleaning more fun than talking to our friends, watching TV, playing on our phones or…almost anything. But you can make the best of it. So here are some ideas:

  1. MUSIC!! Listen to really fun, upbeat music while you clean. You could also listen to a really entertaining podcast.
  2. COMPETE!! If you’ve got siblings who also need to clean, you could have a competition to see who can finish first. Your mom or dad might also be willing to compete with you. Can you clean your room before your dad is done washing the car? Or if you’re cleaning on your own, you can try to beat the clock. Can you get all the clothes put away in under five minutes? Can you clean off your desk in under ten?
  3. PRIORITIZE! Start with making your bed, and cleaning things off the floor. There’s more to cleaning your room than just that, but doing those two things will make a HUGE difference in how the room looks. You’ll feel like you’ve accomplished something AND your mom will see that you’re making progress.
  4. PRETEND! Okay, fine, you’re not in preschool anymore. But who says you can’t still pretend? Pretend you’re Cinderella, or pretend you’re a maid in one of those fussy TV dramas from England. Pretend you work in a trendy NYC hotel and a rock star just trashed the room.
  5. REWARD YOURSELF!! Promise yourself a reward for when you’ve finished cleaning. You’ll get to binge watch that show that just came out. Or you’ll make brownies and eat them all yourself. Whatever motivates you!

Once your room is clean, it might help to think about whether there are ways you can organize your room so it’s easier to KEEP clean. You could ask your mom for help with this. If you have some systems of organization in place, it’s easier to know where to put stuff, instead of just on the floor or jammed in your closet.

I hope that helps. Cleaning is just kind of one of those things that have to get done sometimes. But maybe with these tips, it won’t be quite SO awful. :)

How do you guys make cleaning fun? Any tips for KEEPING a room neat, tidy and well-organized?