February 2, 2017


Ask Nikki Feb. 2nd Blog Art

Hey Nikki,
I’m crushing on this boy. I’ve been crushing on him like, FOREVER. He knows I like him, but he told me that he doesn’t like me and that he’s crushing on someone else! 🙁

I just CAN’T get over him, and I feel so stupid. What should I do?

Hung Up On Crush

Hello Hung Up On Crush,

Okay. Well, first of all, you’re not being stupid. Feelings are feelings and you sometimes can’t control who you like.

But you CAN control whether or not you make yourself miserable. And it seems to me that if you keep spending tons of energy on this guy who has told you straight up that he doesn’t like you and likes someone else…you’re just making yourself miserable.

So, how to get over someone you’re crushing on? It’s tricky. It’s not going to happen overnight. But, there are a couple things you can do to help move the process along.

The first thing is to avoid as much contact with him as possible. If you follow him on any social media sites, unfollow. I’m serious! If you have his number in your phone, delete it. You can’t avoid seeing him in classes you both have, but avoid hanging out with him at lunch, etc. You won’t have to avoid him forever. Just while you’re getting over the crush.

You can also vent your feelings to a friend, or your parents or sibling, if they’re cool. Get it all out. Tell them everything you liked about this guy. Gush as much as you want—because it’ll be the last time you do that. Get this friend or family member to promise to gently remind you (or whack you upside the head) the next time you start rambling about this guy.

Finally, open your mind to other crush possibilities! Not that you NEED a crush. Life is generally simpler without one. But not as exciting! 🙂 And sometimes a new crush is the best way to forget an one. So look around! Chances are you’ve been focused on this one guy for so long that there are some awesome guys around who you haven’t even noticed!

Or, if the crush-free life sounds better to you, try spending more time with your friends! Join some clubs! Take up a hobby! Anything to keep your mind busy, and to help you remember that YOU are awesome! Just because this guy doesn’t like you and is interested in somebody else doesn’t mean you’re unworthy of being liked. He just wasn’t the right one. It happens. It’s painful, but it happens.

And finally, listen to the awesome advice of other readers below! How do you guys get over a crush who doesn’t like you back?