November 29, 2017

I Broke My Leg! Now I’m BORED!!

Hey Nikki,

A few days ago I broke my leg. I know, ouch! But the real problem is, I really LOVE playing sports! But I obviously can’t right now, so could you please give me ideas for other fun activities?

Bored With A Broken Leg

Dear Bored With A Broken Leg,

Sorry to hear about your leg! 🙁

I’m not too athletic myself, so I definitely have some suggestions for you! And I thought they might also come in handy now that the weather’s getting colder and you might not want to hang outside as much.

So, I’ll share some ideas for low-key things you can do with a broken leg, or in crummy weather, or if you’re home sick and bored. And then you guys share your ideas in the comments. We’ll make a master anti-boredom list together! 🙂

Art/Photography – Art is my FAV hobby and my crush, Brandon, is totally into photography.  The cool thing about photography is you don’t even need a fancy camera. You can get into it with just a cell phone! If you’re into Instagram, there are all kinds of cool photo challenges, where you can get ideas and share your photos.  And if you’re into drawing, you don’t need a fancy sketchbook just to get started.  A notepad and pencil would work just as well until you have an opportunity to buy art supplies!

Reading/writing – Okay, so reading and writing might sound like school, but they’re a zillion times more fun when you’re reading or writing because YOU want to! There’s so much cool stuff out there. Some of my fav reads lately have ‘been Mr. Lemoncello’s Library, Whatever After, A Wrinkle In Time and The Spiderwick Chronicles.  Or if you’re into graphic novels, I’d totally recommend Amulet, Invisible Emmy, Hi Low and The Baby-Sitters Club. You could also write your own stories or comics!

Board games – This might seem kinda old school, but if you’ve got someone around who’ll play with you, board games are awesome! And there’s more out there than just Monopoly and Clue. There’s Jenga, Sorry, Perfection, Connect 4 and Outburst. I’ve also played Operation and Candy Land with Brianna before, and they’re a lot of fun too!

Video Games – If you’ve got access to video games, being sick or having an injury seems like the perfect time to convince your parents that a little more screen time isn’t so bad.  You could also download game apps on your phone or tablet!

Volunteer – Think of a place in your community where you would enjoy pitching in – maybe tutoring younger kids at the library, reading aloud to old folks at a retirement home, or working at an animal shelter (like yours truly ☺). There are lots of volunteer activities that wouldn’t require athletic ability. (Or even the ability to walk, if you happen to be in crutches.)

Non-sports School Activities – Maybe you want something to do that will still let you interact with other kids from school. There are probably plenty of other activities you could get involved in, depending on the size of your school. Like debate, the school newspaper, drama club, choir, or band.

Okay, readers, it’s your turn to add on to our anti-boredom list!  What are your favorite boredom-busters? What do you do when you’re home sick? What activities do you do that don’t require much physical activity? Tell us in the comments!