August 13, 2018


Today started out normal. Nothing much planned. Zoey’s on vacation with her family and Chloe was babysitting. I figured I’d binge watch My Very Rich And Trashy Life, eat junk food and maybe get up the nerve to text Brandon.

Mom took Brianna to the community pool, but the last few days have been HOT so I definitely didn’t want to do anything outside. Air conditioner, baby!! Plus I was going to have the house to myself, which NEVER happens.

I had watched a couple of episodes and was feeling pretty good about my life choices. I took a break to make a milkshake—another choice I felt very good about.

I was pulling out the chocolate ice cream when the comforting whir of the air conditioner stopped running. I figured it would start up again, so I kept making my milkshake. I scooped the ice cream into the blender, then pulled out the milk and the chocolate syrup. Poured everything in and turned the blender on…

…and nothing happened! I double-checked that it was plugged in. Yep, it was.

I opened the fridge to put the milk away…and the little light inside the fridge was off!!

That’s when I realized…we had lost power!

I looked into the blender at my unblended milkshake. That wasn’t the end of the world. Who needed milk? What I really wanted was the ice cream anyway. But my Very Rich And Trashy Life binge was over. 🙁

Oh well. I had my diary, and I could still text Brandon.

It was FINE. For…about a half hour. And then? I was MELTING!!!
Who can write OR text inside an OVEN?!!

My mom texted to ask if we’d lost power—I guess it was out all over—and to tell me not to open the fridge or freezer, because it would let the cold air out and spoil the food. Which reminded me that I had left the ice cream container out on the counter. I ran to check on it, and it was basically ice cream soup. But COLD ice cream soup.

Look, I’m not saying I poured melted chocolate ice cream all over my face and neck. But…I’m not saying I DIDN’T. It was like an ice-cold face mask! But, more sticky.

Whew…the ice cream did the trick and I feel SO MUCH BETTER! THANK GOODNESS!

What do you do to stay cool in the heat? (I DO NOT recommend an ice cream facial!)